Take a look at some of my best graphic design work.

Here are some of my favorite designs that I created during spring 2017 in my New Media Design class. This class allowed me to learn the basics such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

I designed this logo for one of my classmates. For this assignment, we had to create logos based on what our partner wanted. She told me to incorporate pastel colors and a floral design, and this is the end result.

I also made this business card for another one of my classmates. She wanted a design that incorporated pastel color. I also included an image that incorporated science, since my classmate requested it.

One of my bigger and more time-intensive projects included me drafting different designs for the New Media Certificate at the University of Georgia that students receive once they graduate. This project was challenging, but fun as I got to be as creative as I wanted to be.

This is one of the New Media Certificate designs I made. I wanted to incorporate the colors of the logo, and incorporate a sleek design that didn't distract from the content.

For this New Media Certificate design, I incorporated a mandala design into the border. Since the border is a bit extravagant, I decided to keep the font black and white, outside of the New Media Institute logo.

This is another one of the my favorite designs that I created as a layout for the New Media Certificate. I wanted the design to have a sleek look, and to incorporate UGA colors into the design.